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Could, Could Have, Cannot

I cannot undo what is already done
No thread I can reattach to be connected to you.
No button to press to have you reappear.
No bargaining plea to have you here with me.

When we were younger They would say anything is possible
But, clearly they chose to forget to mention this.
This defeating feeling at not making all things possible.
It’s a force of nature I cannot control.

With a little help of this force I could go back and
say the things I needed to say,
change all the bad to good,
Never make you feel anything less than loved.

I could see your blue eyes shine bright, once more.
Cherish your arms around me, once more.
Breathe in your scent, once more.
Once more, I could be with you.

You could call out my name, once more.
kiss me, once more
say that you love me, once more.
Once more, we could be one.

We could.
We could have.
We cannot.
I cannot undo what is already done.


©Alissa Vreeland, 2017.



An aspiring author. I love to write poems and short stories.

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