You wrote the scene and I played the part,
Was flawless till you made our story end.
Looking back won’t get me anywhere. I’m left on my own to fend.
I won’t go on and tell you about my bleeding heart.
So I’ll look on ahead and begin my new start.

Or at least I’ll try and pretend
until I find my new boyfriend.
But for now I’ll find our photos and tear them apart.
And maybe pick up a new hobby like mixed martial arts.

That will most likely have to do.
I’ll soon find my nitch
And all the pieces will fall in place.
It may take awhile but I will stop thinking of you.
You were nothing, but a minor glitch.
A memory that I will gladly erase.


©Alissa Vreeland, 2017.


Sleep (Rondeau)

With red bold letters it’s 3 o’clock,
It’s time to sleep, but why does your dog have to bark?
Why does my neighbor have to boom his radio broadcast?
Why do all the the loud shrieking cars have to pass?
Why are there drunks shouting out in the park?

Why do you all have to be such jerks?
If I don’t get any sleep, I might go berserk.
I’m about to lose my shit fast.
I just want to go the fuck to sleep!

So SHUT UP! To the guy on his phone bragging how he got off from work
and the girl nagging her boyfriend to go on vacation to New York.
As well as my father who keeps checking tomorrow’s forecast.
And I can’t forget about the couple upstairs who reunited at last.
This is no sappy special from Hallmark
I just want to go. the fuck. to sleep!


©Alissa Vreeland, 2017.



There’s Something About the Night Breeze

There’s something about the night breeze.

It’s got a certain scent it carries

giving off nostalgia. I am reminded of when I was younger,

back to when I would stargaze in the summer.

It would tousled my hair with ease.


A mystery, a sort of tease,

with the slightest touch water can freeze.

Going unnoticed in our slumber.

There’s something about the night breeze.


Traveling around the world and across the seas.

Whispering a tale to the trees,

a voice we cannot hear and only wonder.

What could have made them laugh like thunder?

Is it because it passes out pollen, making me sneeze?

There’s something about the night breeze.


©Alissa Vreeland and miscellaneousliss, 2017.