Sedatephobia the fear of silence.


This silence is killing me,
its telling me everything that’s wrong with me.

This silence is burning me,
asking me questions I don’t want to know.

This silence is trapping me,
isolating me from reality.

This silence is freezing me,
numbing me side my core.

This silence is beating me,
heart is racing I’m about to explode.

This silence is suffocating me,
gasping for air to breathe

This silence is muting me,
words and sounds escape me.

This silence is me

©Alissa Vreeland, 2017.

A Lie

To most I am simple and trivial.
fabricated, to sound sweet and nice
Or to just sound cool.
I am also on the flexible side, bendable and stretchable.
I can be tall, white, and mysterious.
A thought on the top of the head.
A fact based on fiction.
A response said to relate.
A smokescreen to hide you, somewhat.
But, a shield nonetheless, even if I make you look like a fool.
A solution to your problems?
A hard life to live.
A harmless compliment?
I try my best not offend you
But, you and I both know it’s not that hard to do.
It’s not that hard to think of me.
I have a beginning to no end,
Once you get me rolling it is hard to keep up.
Soon, you too, will forget what is the truth
I will have you encased in my web.
I can get you in and out of any problem,
think the thought and I’ll come out through your teeth. .
I can make you hear what you want to hear.
I throw dust in people’s eyes.
But, I’m not all that bad.
I take people for rides all the time.
Also for fun I spin yarn.
I have many names
But, regardless of what you call me
I am still a lie.

©Alissa Vreeland and miscellaneousliss, 2017.

My Alarm Clock

Friend or foe? I still don’t know,
Are you a destroyer of dreams
or a helper to start my day?
A parent waking a child
or an intruder in my room?

You are always on, repeating the same cry,
a voice piercing my eardrums,
a wail that could even awake the dead,
a shriek that jolts my body alive,
a nagging reminder set on a timer.

Your blinking red gaze is a sight for sore eyes.
Night or day, you are always ready,
even when I am unaware.
I should know better and remember,
but you still manage to catch me off guard.

Even though I protest, you still succeed
awakening the deepest of sleeps.
Are you a friend or fiend?
An annoyance disguised as a demon
or a helper set up as an alarm?

©Alissa Vreeland and miscellaneousliss, 2017.