My Alarm Clock

Friend or foe? I still don’t know,
Are you a destroyer of dreams
or a helper to start my day?
A parent waking a child
or an intruder in my room?

You are always on, repeating the same cry,
a voice piercing my eardrums,
a wail that could even awake the dead,
a shriek that jolts my body alive,
a nagging reminder set on a timer.

Your blinking red gaze is a sight for sore eyes.
Night or day, you are always ready,
even when I am unaware.
I should know better and remember,
but you still manage to catch me off guard.

Even though I protest, you still succeed
awakening the deepest of sleeps.
Are you a friend or fiend?
An annoyance disguised as a demon
or a helper set up as an alarm?

©Alissa Vreeland and miscellaneousliss, 2017.